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Gain confidence to be able to handle any situation

Have you ever walked through a dark street at night with your keys between your fingers hoping no one approaches you? Our sessions will help you build the confidence you need to be able to walk through any area without fear.

Our session will come to you and help you:
• Keep yourself at a safe distance through verbal communication and body language
• Use proper technique when utilizing escapes and/or attacks
• Fall and get back up safely and efficiently
• Avoid and evade threatening circumstances
• Use realistic situation self-defense techniques

Pricing per person per hour:

Up To 67 – 1213 – 1920+
Beyond 19 people is $25 per additional person.

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Cha Apostol

Cha has been doing combat martial arts for over 15 years. She holds a black belt in a freestyle martial art, a black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu, and practices other weapon arts. She teaches self-defense workshops and seminars around the Bay Area.

Her self-defense classes are mostly geared towards students who are queer, trans, at-risk youth, and those who suffer from PTSD. She is a kind and patient teacher who will meet people where they are and guide them towards the journey they need to embark upon.